Try This Crunch-Free Killer Core Workout

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It’s a special form of HIIT that chisels your abs like no other

The simplicity of this workout can’t be overstated. Created specifically to build muscle quickly, it is guaranteed to sculpt your core by taking the shortcut to shred that is the Tabata workout.

Pioneered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, a Tabata workout is a kind of High Intensity Interval Training that lasts only four minutes, and is split up into 8 rounds of 30 seconds each. Compared to similar medium-intensity workouts, Tabata workouts have been found to outperform in both aerobic and anaerobic gains.

The workout takes a focused approach to core strengthening. While most core-centric routines require loads of crunches in slightly different forms, this Tabata workout works the entire abdominal group, as well as the back and arms, with just two exercises. The key to this simplicity is the high intensity of its intervals.

Because these exercises force you to stabilize your entire body while performing them rather than letting you flop around trying to do one more crunch, they train not just your belly but your transverse abdominal muscles as well. These are located deep in your core and help control your posture and the overall health of your back.

To perform this workout, do the exercises as listed below.

  1. Pushups (maximum reps within 20 seconds)
  2. Rest 10 seconds
  3. Hollow hold (20 seconds)
  4. Rest 10 seconds
  5. That’s one round. Repeat 7 times.